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Battery Hill Hop Farm

Located at the base of the beautiful Kahurangi National Park, this farm consists of nearly 300 acres of hop garden.  With irregular shaped and sized gardens over different elevations and with varying soil types, it’s definitely not your typical hop farm – however many a seasoned campaigner has cited it as one of the most picturesque on the planet!  We agree.

Blue Rock Hop Farm

This is our newest addition, and it’s named after the 'blue' rock cliff formation that overlooks the farm (also rumoured to have been a film set location for The Lord of the Rings trilogy). It has a maximum hop garden area of 520 acres, and is sited not far from our Battery Hill Hop Farm, just over the Wangapeka River (the perfect spot for trout fishing!).

Korere Hop Farm

This was our very first hop farm.  It comprises 200 acres of productive gardens and is located in the small rural area of Korere.  The table-top hills that border the eastern side of the property make for an extraordinary viewing platform at harvest - showcasing our expansive hop picking, cleaning and drying facility and surrounded by fields of lush, leafy green hoppiness.

Mt Arthur Hop Farm

Nested in the shadow of the mighty Mt Arthur and overlooking the scenic Motueka River, this farm has a maximum hop garden area of nearly 330 acres.  With its rich, fertile soils, hot, sunny and still summer days - and cold winters - it really is the perfect spot for growing primo New Zealand hops.  

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