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We are the proud operator of New Zealand’s premier hop processing, packaging, and cool store facility, which is nestled away on a picturesque 16-hectare block of land in the Tasman countryside. It is a world-class asset that well and truly sets us apart in the New Zealand hop industry. This is all about being fully integrated, maximising product quality, speed to market and, ultimately and most importantly, customer satisfaction.  The plant, equipment, controls and process design is sophisticated and cutting edge. The design capacity of 2,500 – 3,000 kgs of T90 hop pellets per hour far exceeds anything else in New Zealand.

The cool store refrigerant system uses CO2, which was selected due to the environmental benefits.

As well as processing hop pellets, the facility has been expanded to process our Amplifire™ concentrated lupulin pellets and Amplifire™ fresh hop oil.  We have also installed a brewery to enable us to test our new products as well as our new hop varieties.  We view the facility as New Zealand's hop product innovation hub.



Each of our four farms has its own modern, high-capacity and centralised harvesting facilities, comprising hop picking, sorting and drying equipment.  These give us a real edge at harvest time as they allow us to pick hops in their prime and at scale. Hop variety harvest windows can change from year to year – both in timing and length – and they often overlap with one another. Crucially, we have substantial and reliable capacity to ensure all hops are picked at the right time.  Our flat-bed drying kilns are exhaust and fume free.

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