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CY21 NZ Motueka Hops
  • CY21 NZ Motueka Hops

CY21 NZ Motueka Hops


The minimum order is 1 carton, which contains 44lbs of hops (4 x 11lb foils).

Each carton is $693.00, being $15.75 per lb.  This excludes delivery costs, which are described below.


You can buy multiple lots. Just select the first lot and number of cartons then press ADD TO CART. A new page will open where you can press 'Continue Shopping' to add further lots to your order. 

  • $20.00 per carton for delivery anywhere in California.

    If delivery is outside California, we will connect you with the cool store in Wilmington, CA where you can either arrange delivery yourself or the cool store can arrange delivery for you (in which case they could either charge against your Fedex or UPS account or charge you direct).

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