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Products that will make a whole lot of noise....

Introducing our new and exciting range of advanced brewing products, designed to boost flavour, aroma and beer yields. At Clayton Hops, our mission is to inspire brewers with exciting, efficient and sustainable products, all to provide richer experiences and superior products. We've told you about our brand new state-of-the-art processing facility, and now we are ready to release our range of brewing products made by us, right here in New Zealand.

We are immensely proud to launch a range of advanced hop products under the brand Amplifire™. We believe these products will excite brewers worldwide.

We've taken all the smash-hit flavours of our hop varieties and turned the volume up to create this exciting range of advanced hop products that are all made right here in New Zealand.

As well as boosting flavour, aroma and beer yields, they bring environmental benefits given their concentrated nature – less shipping, less storage and less waste.

Amplifire™ Fresh Hop Oil is our water-soluble liquid dry hop or brite tank addition product. The oil is extracted from ‘wet’ whole hop cones on the same day they were harvested on our farms, meaning straight off the hop plant without any drying or pelletising. You can’t get any fresher than that! Free from any bittering components and made without the use of solvents, they are also incredible in hop water.

Amplifire™ Pellets are our concentrated lupulin pellet product made using the latest cryogenic technology. Our unique patent-pending process separates whole hop cones into lupulin and plant material at extremely low temperature in a nitrogen-rich/low oxygen environment which limits oxidisation to enhance quality. The lupulin, which contains the sought-after resins (bitterness) and oils (flavour and aroma), is then pelletised to produce a super-powerful product – up to twice as intense in resins and oils as a T-90 hop pellet.


This product delivers beer-soluble thiol precursors aimed at increasing the tropical aromas – think gooseberry, passionfruit and guava – that New Zealand and other hop varieties impart into beer, through the fermentation process. It's derived concentrated powder product extracted from Sauvignon Blanc grapes from the Marlborough wine region of New Zealand.


Due to popular request, we are also going to produce hop pellets infused with Thiol Theory™, for both our standard hop pellets and our Amplifire™ concentrated lupulin pellets. This involves blending our Thiol Theory™ powder into the hop or lupulin powder, as the case may be, then pelletising.

Check out the product pages to find out more.


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